About Broadway Global


The start of Broadway Global: "In 2009 we created Theatre Chat groups on Facebook, a place for arts lovers to share Shows and Auditions for free. These groups now total over 300,000 each members arts post help "keep artists employed and patrons informed".

We soon realized the key to arts are the producers that you see listed in your Playbill. So we became experts educating ourselves on the investors of Broadway. We learned that many of these producing teams have come together for specific shows and projects because they each share the same values, Humanity." 

Today, Broadway Global honors investors in live stage works who inspire and teach respect for cultures, embrace diversity, and educate on issues in our global society. All winners must be accessible on social media; leave a legacy of live stage works that inspires respect, embraces diversity, and brings nations together; and give back to not-for-profits that make our society a better world for all, sharing their time and efforts in charity work.


Broadway Global Founders

Richard Cameron, Founder of Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

Richard Cameron

Founder of Broadway Global

Ron Hutchins

Ron Hutchins, SDC

Director / Choreographer


Michelle Terl,

Art Educator Board Member