Richard Cameron

Richard Cameron
Richard Cameron
Richard Cameron

Richard Cameron’s love of theatre began at the age five, when he was kicked out of kindergarten, for singing in the bathroom. From that moment on, he was destined for cattle calls! He shares this to educate us all, don’t take obstacles so seriously, they only lead you to success.

An alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Cameron has performed around the globe on cruise ships working with Tony Award-winner Wayne Cilento (Wicked, The Who’s Tommy), and global/regional Director Glenn Casale (Little Mermaid, Hunchback...). 

Cam has performed in Japan at Huis Ten Bosch, Disneyland’s Aladdin, which landed him a starring role for GTE Main St (Virtuality) as Prince Neon. He and Broadway Global Co-Founder Ron Hutchins stress “We came from the line”!

Richard Cameron is the Founder of Broadway Global, which honors Broadway Lead Producers for their outstanding work, on and off the stage. Each winner receive the “Broadway Global Producer of the Year” award, “Producer’s Puzzle“ (art for creating art), designed by internationally acclaimed artist, Steve Marshall ( Steve shares a portion of commissions to Smile Train, bringing life changing surgery and smiles to kids around the globe.


Cameron also created Theatre Chat, the social media arts movement, with over 300,000 members, who share auditions and show information for free in over 40 City and State “Theatre Chat” groups on Facebook, including West End Theatre Chat, Canada Theatre Chat, USA Theatre Chat and Broadway Global. Each group keeps artists employed and patrons informed, throughout specific national and global regions.

As a Broadway Theatre Critic, Richard Cameron was one of the top three Examiner Performing Arts Writers, for over six years. Cameron has interviewed many arts professionals, from Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Stewart F. Lane to Emmy Award winning casting director Jeff Greenberg (“Modern Family,” “Cheers”) and countless notable actors, directors, choreographers, designers and producers.

Writing didn’t come easily for Cameron, since he was born dyslexic, he didn’t learn to read until 8th grade. He shares his success in writing by using a quote from his lifetime partner and internationally acclaimed director/choreographer Ron Hutchins, “If it comes from the heart, it will touch the heart.” 


We hope you enjoyed Richard Cameron’s performing arts articles. An epiphany honoring Lead Producers for over a decade lead Broadway Global to its’ destiny, the “Broadway Producer Mentorship”. If Broadway is to embrace inclusivity, we must develop these theatrical leadership skills for our youth, in their early years. If we are to create audiences for tomorrow to fill Broadway theatre seats, audiences must see themselves in the plays and musicals, that we invest in as a society. 

Cameron reminds arts supporters that theatre, dance, music, art... are the international language that bring nations together, educating respect for life, cultures, religions and diversity for the common goal of Global Peace. 

Richard Cameron (R) and Ron Hutchins (L)